Our Staff

Blessed to be workers for God!

With a heart to put God back into education, our faculty strives to plant a love for and devotion to God into the next generation. Each staff member brings his/her talents to this wonderful place and puts them to work. Using a variety of teaching methods and tools, we try to help all students fulfill God’s purposes for their lives.

Our Team

Meet some of the members of our dedicated team
Sandra Nelson

Sandra Nelson


Sandra Nelson earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from California State University at Sacramento in May 1995. She obtained her teaching credential in 1996. In the same year, Sandra co-founded Small Cloud Christian School with Margie Seely and currently serves as Principal/Teacher for Small Cloud. Sandra Nelson directs the one-room school. She also manages the Breakfast and Lunch Program, as well as all fundraisers and outreach programs, and handles all administrative issues.


Margie Seely


Margie Seely earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development from the University of California at Davis in June 1994. In 1996, she and Sandra Nelson co-founded Small Cloud Christian School. They taught together for fifteen years. Margie is not currently teaching physically at Small Cloud, but she does teach a couple of high school subjects through Orion Christian Academy—a distance homeschooling program.

Mike Alford

Mike Alford


Mike Alford is our volunteer treasurer. He handles all billing and tuition statements. He is responsible for approving financial aid requests. Mike also helps fix thousands of little things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Mrs. Schendel

Gretchen Schendel

Gretchen Schendel (mother of Sandra Nelson) has been a trusted volunteer from the very beginnings of Small Cloud. Gretchen has cooked thousands of awesome lunches and taught many Bible lessons to our younger students. One of her favorite mottos is “A place for everything and everything in its place.” She strives daily to create that reality here at Small Cloud while serving as cook, former secretary, former bus driver, and a fill-in wherever she is needed. She also designs our treasured newsletters. Small Cloud would be a very different place without her.

Evelyn Holmstroem

Evelyn Holmstroem

Evelyn Holmstroem (mother of Margie Seely) is our wonderful librarian with books but without a library. (We hope to add a library very soon.) She volunteers regularly—practicing spelling with individual students, reading to all students during breakfast and lunch, organizing our newly-completed office, and helping in many other areas. She is a God-given blessing to Small Cloud.

Idlia Aguirre

Idlia Aguirre

Idlia Aguirre is the mom of three of our former students. During the time of their enrollment, she served as a volunteer. Now we have invited her back as an employee. Her faithfulness in cleaning and cooking is appreciated every day. Just recently she completed her degree as a preschool teacher and now works diligently with our kindergarten students—teaching them letters, numbers, and school etiquette. We appreciate her faith tremendously!

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